Neck Joint service Photoshop

Category: photo editing

We live in an era where invisible models are brought into reality. It is very viable to bring an invisible model to visibility through the V-line, also known as ghost mannequin or image neck joint. Displaying the ghost mannequin in context would be more persuasive when compared to just an ordinary flat image no doubt. The neck joint technique is obviously a great innovative idea of how certain accouter should look on a real human being.



Apparel retailers display their garment products on eCommerce websites. They use mannequins to create a hollow effect for the products such as shirts, suits, swimsuits, trousers, and so on. It gives the products a ghostly look. Therefore, this service is often named as ghost mannequin service or invisible mannequin service.

Some people use a transparent or removable mannequin to get a similar effect. But it does not give perfect output without post-processing. This is an expensive technique as well. Therefore, thousands of photographers, agencies, and eCommerce shop owners outsource neck joint services to reduce cost and time.